Robin Urton: dimensional paintings on glass


Notice Regarding Copyright and Research

Before contacting me regarding use of the images within the art history section of my site, it is necessary for me to inform you that I do not own the copyright to any of these images*. I created this section of my site when I was teaching college courses on Art Appreciation and wanted my students to have a resource that was more in-depth and contained more images than their textbook could provide. I received numerous emails from persons who had stumbled across my site and found the information useful to their research, so I decided to keep the site up for general public benefit. In all legality, I probably do not have the right to use these images myself, so contacting me regarding my permission to use them will not relieve anyone of copyright responsibility. My understanding is that art historical images are allowed to be used for educational purposes only. Any use which is in any way linked to personal profit is illegal. If anyone who owns copyright to any of these images contacts me regarding their use, I will be glad to remove the images in question (or provide a link back to their site, if preferred).

If you need to site my website for a reference for your research, I wrote most of these pages between the years of 2000-2005. I did not record the dates for the creation of specific pages, but if you cite any dates between these years, it should work for your purposes. The name of the author is Robin Urton.

I also receive many emails regarding further research about artists who are represented within my site. I must also inform that I am not an art historian (or art appraiser), but an artist who has a fairly extensive art historical background. I cannot promise that I know any more about the artists or movements than what is contained within my site. You are welcome to ask questions, but since my time for research is limited, if I don't have an immediate answer at my disposal, I might simply give a link back to this page.


* I do own copyright to all of the images within the EyeconArt Gallery, which showcases my own artworks. Please contact me regarding use of these images.