May 07 2009

Student Art Samples

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I’ve been collecting images of some of my students’ artwork for years.  Might as well share some of it, in case any of these examples can be of inspiration to future students. Though these are from different classes spanning several years, I’ve grouped them according to theme. (Most of the images enlarge when you click on them, if you want a larger view).

Object Paintings & Simple Still-Lifes





(“Interpretive Portraiture”, using color as emotional element):





“Interpretive Landscape”

(most of my classes took place in the evening, so we couldn’t get outside. Since painting from photos was the best option, I suggested changing the color scheme and/or using brushstrokes to differentiate from the original photos)

“Intuitive Painting and Collage” 

This series of images are mixed media paintings, created by students in classes that I taught mostly from my studio (and sometimes in community art centers) in Portland, OR.  The artworks typically combine acrylic paint with collage elements, though some are simply experimental applications of paint.  We also explored image transfer techniques and the application of metallic leaf to areas of a painting:


Jutta-traveler native-acryl-image-transfer SusanScollage-pearBird-paintedpapers-RitaDiamantine  jutta-dragonflySeerCollagePtg-BeatriceFlores


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