Nov 02 2008

Color, Space, Repetition

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Tonight I’m inspired to use the example of a friends’ collages as the basis for an exercise for a student project. The following exploration of Color, Space, and Pattern can benefit students from the approach of Color Theory, Painting, as well as Mixed Media applications.

All of the textile-based collages represented on this post are the creations of Janet Silver (a fellow artist at Six Days Art Cooperative).

The composition at left is a quilted collage, using a combination of bold and subtly patterned fabrics. Janet selected varied colors of different sized rectangles and squares, in this case, she stitched several fabric pieces to an underlaying fabric.

A similar type of composition could be created using either acrylic paints or mixed media collage:


Color and Repetition

1. Create design that includes 2-4 divisions of space (divided by squares, circles, rectangles, or free-form pattern)

2. Paint each segment in different tones of either CONTRASTING or ANALAGOUS colors (range of 2-4 values)

3. Create a simple, repeated PATTERN or TEXTURE into each of the divided spaces. These patterns can be achieved by tracing an overlay pattern, or by stencilling, stamping, or texturing the surface.

In this piece, Janet copied images and patterns onto tracing paper, fed through her inkjet printer.  These images were then cut up into varying sizes of squares and circles.  Layers of acrylic medium and paint were glazed and textured over the surface.  She also stitched patterns of lines into the surface, as it was attached to to the underlying fabric.

Combining painting and collage, one might collect patterned papers, fabrics, and printed imagery.  To simplify the perimeters,  use only 2 shapes and 3 colors.  Think of ways to achieve a BALANCE of visual weight (i.e. larger shapes counter-weighing multiple smaller forms).  Decide on a COLOR THEME before you begin (analagous, complimentary, triad, etc).  Use a color wheel, and try to match the hues of chosen colors.

Here’s some more samples of Janet’s mixed media collages (click to view enlargements of any of the images on this page):

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