Nov 03 2008

Color Shift from Photographic Source

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Note to Winter Session Acrylic Painting class: please see the following page link instead, for current assignment: The Interpretive Landscape

Here’s an idea that will stretch you understanding of color and composition.

Creating Multiple Color Shifts

1) Take a small photo and enlarge it to 8×10 on a b/w photocopier, using the high-contrast setting.

2) Enlarge the design to your painting surface.  If you are significantly enlarging the design (to 14×18 or larger), you can use a graph to help you transfer the design (or use an enlarger, if you have access to one).

3) Depending on your ambition, divide the composition into 4-8 separate spaces. (The images on this page offer several examples for splitting the space in various configurations).

4) In each section, use a different dominant hue, creating 3-5 values based on that hue.

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