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Dec 16 2014

Rain Deer Awakening

I crossed a deer on my walk tonight. Every time this has happens to me, it comes as a complete surprise and opens me up to the wonder of the moment. And in that moment I realize that my last thought was a significant one… something of a key to unlock a challenge I’ve been […]

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Dec 07 2014

Energy Meditations

I was drawn to walk up to where the river cuts into the west hills tonight.  Once I got to an area where the sound of the water was strong and burbling, I remembered a suggestion to hold my arms open to my sides.  I am standing at the rivers edge, where there is a stand of trees, listening to […]

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Dec 09 2008

the fruits of solitude

I’ve been craving a bit of solitude lately.  Speaking of this need to a friend, she offered me her place for the weekend, while she was out of town.  After sharing houses for years, this small break was like heaven for me.  I decided to make it into my own little creative/spiritual retreat.  The focus […]

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Nov 02 2007

My Personal Altar

My process in the studio is a bit slow at the moment. I don’t feel like revealing what’s going on there now, because it’s still in a progressive state of constantly re-deciding what I’m doing there. One day I think it’s a good time to complete old projects, another day it’s a good time to […]

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