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Oct 05 2010

So Many Things….

Alas, I have been neglecting my blog for far too long, and a good number of things have come to pass or are currently emerging… to the extent that I’ve been more than a little overwhelmed and have little time to write about it. To prevent myself from further procrastination, I’ll start with an outline […]

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Jan 09 2010

The Word is Out and I’m IN (We’Moon Calendar!)

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A few months ago, I submitted several images for the publication of the 2011 edition of We’Moon calendar. I’ve just found out that two of my images will be featured in the datebook! . “Blooming Meditation” and “Aqua Bird Dream” have been some of my more popular sellers whenever I sell my prints or note-cards, […]

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Dec 17 2009

Beveled Glass Prints

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I’m finally done with Christmas shows, and am resting up from the exertion of cranking out pendants and prints to sell.  I’ve started a new product that I’m quite happy with and will add to my store soon.  In the meantime, here’s a glimpse of my new “altar pieces”, which are prints mounted to board, […]

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Mar 02 2009

On Being an Artist in a Bad Economy

I just found out that I sold this painting, “An Intimate Interior” at the local “Love Show” (the 4th annual show of this theme, put on by the Launchpad Gallery).  It’s not a new painting, but it fit the theme perfectly.   I’ve had little time to paint in recent months, given my multiple-hat approach […]

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