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Jul 19 2011

Mixed Media Class Progress

My mixed media painting class ended it’s 8 week reign just last Tuesday, and I’m finally getting around to posting some photos of the students’ progress. These first photos are of Linda Nagy, who really impressed me with her ability to integrate her poured and splattered acrylic paint backgrounds with her chosen photo transfer images. […]

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Jun 06 2010

Dreambird Art

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I’ve spent most of the entire month of May writing a business plan for my art business.  I didn’t think it was going to be all that hard.  I’m pretty good at visualizing what I want and I’m a decent writer.  But figuring out every little detail of every expense that will propel me into […]

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Apr 25 2010

My Feathered Nest

It’s been most of a month since my move, but the physical requirements of making it all happen put my body in such a state of exhaustion that it’s taken me this long to get back on track. First of all, I am not one who can live out of boxes for any amount of […]

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Mar 12 2010

New Studio, New Home, New Work

It’s been a while since I’ve created any updates… not because I don’t have anything going on, mind you. More likely, I have TOO much going on, and not enough time to write about it. First of all, I finally decided I’d had enough of trying to get anything done in my dreary basement studio, […]

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Mar 02 2009

On Being an Artist in a Bad Economy

I just found out that I sold this painting, “An Intimate Interior” at the local “Love Show” (the 4th annual show of this theme, put on by the Launchpad Gallery).  It’s not a new painting, but it fit the theme perfectly.   I’ve had little time to paint in recent months, given my multiple-hat approach […]

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Nov 18 2008

Local Victory: a renewal of the victory garden

Last Friday, I attended the opening a show at the Launch Pad Gallery in Portland.  I was inspired by the quality of the art as well as the appropriateness of the message. Rebecca Shelly’s theme is one that fits our current economic struggles, suggesting that growing our own food can help lead to more independence […]

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Oct 31 2008

Cerulean Song

I recently finished a new painting, which I’ve decided to title “Cerulean Song”.  Cerulean is the variety of blue that dominates the piece, and since it was created specifically  for a “blue themed” show, it seems appropriate to give some reference to that.  It also seemed significant for music or sound to be a part […]

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Sep 28 2008

Lucid Awakening

This is the artwork I am entering into the “Dreams” show at the Launchpad Gallery, located at 534 SE Oak Street, in Portland. The opening is this Friday, October 3, from 6-10 pm. There’s expected to be over 60 artists showing work in the “dreams theme”. It’s been a while since I’ve created an artwork […]

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Sep 16 2008

New Necklaces!

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I’ve started a few new paintings but am not at the point of sharing them yet.  In addition to my fine art, I’ve been working on a new series of necklaces to sell at the fairs (and wholesale to a few local stores). Here’s a sample of some new designs that use gold and silver […]

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Jun 30 2008

Gimme Shelter!

Anyone following my blog must be wondering by now what happened with my moving plans, or if I’ve simply fallen off the face of the earth. It turns out that I was left waiting for a full 3 months for a particular house I’d been waiting to share with some other artists (see details on […]

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Mar 23 2008

A Portland Housing Story

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It’s about all I can focus on right now. We got our notice that the house we are currently renting (which has been on the market for a while) has now sold. Looking for housing is such an intensive process, and barely making our bills does not make it any easier. After weeks of hawking […]

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Nov 28 2007

Finished Paintings… and 3 New Shows!

It’s been a busy, busy week. I needed to complete some of my current paintings for a new one-person show that I hung last night. I also was just accepted to be a member at an artist’s cooperative gallery, so I’m hanging there tonight. In addition, I already had a show up at another place […]

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Sep 21 2007

another new beginning

There was a point earlier this week that it suddenly dawned on me that summer was over. Realizing my tendency to shrink into the indoors during winter months, I’ve been making sure that I get some outdoor activity every day before the rains hit. I just came back from a rather magical walk which reminded […]

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May 26 2007

in flow with order and chaos

I am in a blissful state this evening because I’ve finally surpassed my creative impasse. I knew it was only a matter of time. This has happened before. I know I’m not the only one to occasionally wonder if the juices will ever flow again. Once the creative pump is primed fully, I wonder how […]

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May 19 2007

Spring in Portland

And it’s a good time to begin new projects. This city transforms when the sun comes out. Suddenly, I am inspired to get out of the house and take daily walks through the neighborhood. I’m greeted by the multitude of blooms that are springing up from front-yard gardens, blooming trees, and cats that seem eager […]

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