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Apr 13 2015

Healing Waters

    Pulled like a magnet, she walks in daily journey to the healing waters.   Enduring spirit, she knows the pain of a broken body and the heart’s losses yet constantly pushes through the void.   The cosmos swells within her eyes to be released as tiny drops flowing into the stream.   And […]

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Jan 02 2015

The Nesting Tree

I am a tree, standing bare, A gentle perch for your owl’s stare.An opening within my chest, I let you wade within and rest. And as we kiss beneath the barkOur shadows merge and spark,While rustling leaves Reach into a twinkling sky.………………………….. Roots suckle liquid stream ….We glide to the shores of sleep to dream. […]

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Dec 14 2014

naked stream

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I am the river, you are the flame that rises within my naked stream. Cool, liquid fire floods my banks that once ran dry. Holding each other at the river’s edge, we harness the energies of ebbing and flowing.Warm and cool waters commingle… Caduceus serpents in playful writhing. My body pulses and buzzes like a hydro-electric […]

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