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Apr 13 2015

Healing Waters

    Pulled like a magnet, she walks in daily journey to the healing waters.   Enduring spirit, she knows the pain of a broken body and the heart’s losses yet constantly pushes through the void.   The cosmos swells within her eyes to be released as tiny drops flowing into the stream.   And […]

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Jan 02 2015

The Nesting Tree

I am a tree, standing bare, A gentle perch for your owl’s stare.An opening within my chest, I let you wade within and rest. And as we kiss beneath the barkOur shadows merge and spark,While rustling leaves Reach into a twinkling sky.………………………….. Roots suckle liquid stream ….We glide to the shores of sleep to dream. […]

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Dec 16 2014

Rain Deer Awakening

I crossed a deer on my walk tonight. Every time this has happens to me, it comes as a complete surprise and opens me up to the wonder of the moment. And in that moment I realize that my last thought was a significant one… something of a key to unlock a challenge I’ve been […]

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Dec 07 2014

Energy Meditations

I was drawn to walk up to where the river cuts into the west hills tonight.  Once I got to an area where the sound of the water was strong and burbling, I remembered a suggestion to hold my arms open to my sides.  I am standing at the rivers edge, where there is a stand of trees, listening to […]

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Aug 27 2014

Revelations of an Alopecian (a journey into self-acceptance)

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This post is a departure for me, in that I normally limit my musings to those directly related to the subject of art or teaching. But to some extent, my art has always been related to self-exposure in one way or another. Usually it is about turning myself inside out: revealing the dreams come come […]

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Apr 25 2014

Image Quest Through Soul Collage

I felt I was onto something with my last collages… and I was excited to begin some drawings based on them, to create more personal interpretations before digging out my paints. But my drawing table was full of hundreds of collage images so I had to clean off the table before I could make room […]

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Dec 09 2008

the fruits of solitude

I’ve been craving a bit of solitude lately.  Speaking of this need to a friend, she offered me her place for the weekend, while she was out of town.  After sharing houses for years, this small break was like heaven for me.  I decided to make it into my own little creative/spiritual retreat.  The focus […]

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Nov 02 2007

My Personal Altar

My process in the studio is a bit slow at the moment. I don’t feel like revealing what’s going on there now, because it’s still in a progressive state of constantly re-deciding what I’m doing there. One day I think it’s a good time to complete old projects, another day it’s a good time to […]

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Sep 08 2007

a long time coming….

yes, it is. Ever since I stumbled upon another artist’s blog that mentioned making no apologies for not blogging regularly and only when she “damn well felt like it”, I’ve sorta let myself off of the hook. I started this to keep track of my own creative thoughts, but have found myself on a bit […]

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