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Jan 07 2017

animating my painting process

Well, I’ve sort of fallen down on my posting habit for quite a while.  So to catch things up a bit, I’m posting a couple of animated gifs of paintings I’ve done.  It’s not quite the same as having a time-lapse video of me painting (I plan to start doing that soon), but it at […]

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Mar 30 2014

Remembrances of Oakland

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My blog was completely deserted after moving from Portland to Oakland two years ago. I guess it stands to reason that I was preoccupied with resettling into a new environment, then with running my business in the high-rent district that is the Bay area. Most of my time was consumed with creating my line of […]

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Jul 19 2011

Mixed Media Class Progress

My mixed media painting class ended it’s 8 week reign just last Tuesday, and I’m finally getting around to posting some photos of the students’ progress. These first photos are of Linda Nagy, who really impressed me with her ability to integrate her poured and splattered acrylic paint backgrounds with her chosen photo transfer images. […]

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Sep 11 2007

Process of a Painting

I took a process-painting workshop this past weekend called “Breakthroughs in Intuitive Painting”, facilitated by Carolyn Winkler ( The idea of the workshop is to give up one’s habitual modes of painting, instead giving oneself over to a completely intuitive process. We paint with liquid tempera on paper, simulating the experience of painting as a […]

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May 26 2007

in flow with order and chaos

I am in a blissful state this evening because I’ve finally surpassed my creative impasse. I knew it was only a matter of time. This has happened before. I know I’m not the only one to occasionally wonder if the juices will ever flow again. Once the creative pump is primed fully, I wonder how […]

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