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Jan 07 2017

animating my painting process

Well, I’ve sort of fallen down on my posting habit for quite a while.  So to catch things up a bit, I’m posting a couple of animated gifs of paintings I’ve done.  It’s not quite the same as having a time-lapse video of me painting (I plan to start doing that soon), but it at […]

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Apr 13 2015

Healing Waters

    Pulled like a magnet, she walks in daily journey to the healing waters.   Enduring spirit, she knows the pain of a broken body and the heart’s losses yet constantly pushes through the void.   The cosmos swells within her eyes to be released as tiny drops flowing into the stream.   And […]

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Jan 05 2015

Water… (Acrylic Pouring Technique)

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I’ve been thinking about water quite a bit lately.  I walk to a nearby river almost every day just to watch it flow and to feel myself in flow. So now I am contemplating how to paint it, and it occured to me that the acrylic pouring techniques that I’ve been exploring are a perfect medium […]

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Jan 02 2015

The Nesting Tree

I am a tree, standing bare, A gentle perch for your owl’s stare.An opening within my chest, I let you wade within and rest. And as we kiss beneath the barkOur shadows merge and spark,While rustling leaves Reach into a twinkling sky.………………………….. Roots suckle liquid stream ….We glide to the shores of sleep to dream. […]

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Dec 23 2014

Process of a Painting: “From Parched Earth”

Here’s a visual documentation of the process of my latest painting of a cactus flower (click to expand images): I began by pouring liquid acrylic paint onto a stretched canvas, then roughly outlined the shape of the cactus and flower with successive layers of paint.  It was important for me to keep as much of […]

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Dec 14 2014

naked stream

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I am the river, you are the flame that rises within my naked stream. Cool, liquid fire floods my banks that once ran dry. Holding each other at the river’s edge, we harness the energies of ebbing and flowing.Warm and cool waters commingle… Caduceus serpents in playful writhing. My body pulses and buzzes like a hydro-electric […]

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Dec 12 2014

Acrylic Pouring Medium Process: Evolving Tree Paintings

In my painting process, I like to start things off by pouring acrylic paint on the panel or canvas. It gives me something to work with, instead of the blank white staring back at me.  I’m in an experimental mode with how I create these acrylic pours.  Here I am holding the camera in one […]

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Nov 09 2014

Light Through the Trees…

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Sep 09 2014

Breaking Through a Creative Funk

I’ve been having a little bit of a struggle getting back into my painting as of late, and this has been going on for quite a while now. This happens to me whenever I am encountering a lot of transitions in my life, and for the past few years, I’ve been in constant transition. Part […]

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May 19 2014

Back to the Drawing Board…

I regret that I haven’t had much time to create art lately, but I am finally starting to get back into it. Drawing seems to be the best way to get going, so I decided to create some drawings that were inspired by my recent collages. This first one is a study from my collage […]

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Apr 25 2014

Image Quest Through Soul Collage

I felt I was onto something with my last collages… and I was excited to begin some drawings based on them, to create more personal interpretations before digging out my paints. But my drawing table was full of hundreds of collage images so I had to clean off the table before I could make room […]

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Apr 09 2014

a few new collages

. I’ve been busier than expected with keeping up with my jewelry business after my move to Ukiah. I guess I half expected that once I stopped advertising or contacting stores, orders would stop coming in and I could have a little artist retreat. Actually relieved that business hasn’t slowed too very much, as I […]

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Mar 19 2012

Big Changes Ahead…

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I am taking a break from packing today just to let folks who might not know already that I am MOVING to the BAY AREA!!  Yes.. Portland has been a good transition and I feel that I was guided to be here for the past 6 years.   There are many reasons I now feel […]

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Nov 29 2011

Garden Buddha… and New Jewelry!

I was recently commissioned to create a seated Buddha painting, which was a really good thing for me because my creative juices hadn’t been flowing much in the two months since I had moved households.  Being a home-based Canceran, I seem to take an extra long time to move through such transitions.  Focusing on creating […]

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Oct 20 2011

Everyday Blessings

Last night I dreamed that I was a new apprentice to some sort of spiritual shaman.  Though I cannot remember many details, one of the few things I do remember is looking at animals and seeing the energy transmitted between us through a web of pulsing light.  In particular, I recall staring into a bird’s […]

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