Nov 07 2008

Art Class Inspirations

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Here’s a list of links to my pages on specific art exercises, categorized by subject.  These are also listed among the links in the sidebar  (under “Art Class Pages”), arranged in alphabetical order:

Painting Subjects

Staging a Simple Still-Life

Masters of the Dynamic Still-Life

Contemporary Botanicals, Mixed Media

The Interpretive Landscape

The Interpretive Portrait

Color Theory:

Mandala Color Wheel

Color Wheel Masking

Shifted Color Harmonies

Color Shift from a Photographic Source

Mixed Media/Painting Techniques:

Textured Backgrounds

Acrylic Image Transfers

Combining Pattern and Realism

Color, Space, Repetition

Golden Inspirations: Gold Leaf Painting

Stencils, Stencils, Stencils


Fundamentals of Tonal Drawing: Single Object Study
Still Life Tonal Drawing
(in progress)

Upcoming Articles:
Drawing and Shading the Face
Drawing Trees, Landscape and Atmosphere
Abstraction and Surrealism in Drawing
Effective Use of Drawing from Photographs
Drawing from the Masters
Gestural Line: the Quick Figure Study
Exploring Line: Contour and Blind Contour

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