Jan 05 2015

Water… (Acrylic Pouring Technique)

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I’ve been thinking about water quite a bit lately.  I walk to a nearby river almost every day just to watch it flow and to feel myself in flow. So now I am contemplating how to paint it, and it occured to me that the acrylic pouring techniques that I’ve been exploring are a perfect medium for this.   I tried it out, and was quite happy with the results.  

Here’s a video of my pouring experiment, simulating water.  If you follow it to my youtube channel, you’ll see links to the previous 2 videos where I show how I did this:


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  1. Elen says:

    I am a child of the Dreamtime people
    Part of this land, like the gnarled gumtree.
    I am of the river, softly singing
    Chanting our songs on my way to the sea.

    ~ Hyllus Maris (1934-1986)

    Is there a lost river in your part of the world?

    • Robin says:

      that’s a beautiful contribution, Elen. My apologies for the late response (and approval of your comment). The lost river which I am discovering is in my soul. I find myself continually drawn to water, so I make a conscious effort these days to honor its energy.

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