Jan 02 2015

The Nesting Tree

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"Homecoming", by Robin Urton

“Homecoming”, by Robin Urton

I am a tree, standing bare,
A gentle perch for your owl’s stare.
An opening within my chest,
I let you wade within and rest.
And as we kiss beneath the bark
Our shadows merge and spark,
While rustling leaves
Reach into a twinkling sky.

Roots suckle liquid stream ….
We glide to the shores of sleep to dream.
Awakening, remove the veil.
The owl has flown.
Again alone, I touch my longing 
To remember a face, a voice,
A smile to ward off sadness.


Gazing at eternal sky, my mind grows cloudy.
Remembering losses, my bark peels open.
Critiquing self, I know
There is no mystery in me.
A compulsion towards self-exposure, 
My naked limbs reveal vulnerability. 
And in this open hole has grown
A nest, awaiting your tired wings.



It’s been several years since I’ve been compelled to write poetry, and I’m finding myself slowly returning to it.  Many poets have asked to use images of my paintings to accompany their poems (or as covers for their publications), and this has given me the idea to also publish a volume of illustrated poems in the future. So, for now I will occasionally release a pairing of poems and images that go well together.  (This poem was written in May 2001 and the painting was created in 2009.  It’s process of creation is documented here.  The painting is for sale on my dreambirdart.com site)

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