Dec 16 2014

Rain Deer Awakening

deer-psychedelicI crossed a deer on my walk tonight. Every time this has happens to me, it comes as a complete surprise and opens me up to the wonder of the moment. And in that moment I realize that my last thought was a significant one… something of a key to unlock a challenge I’ve been experiencing. To simultaneously recognize my higher self’s answer to a conundrum while witnessing a magical moment is electrifying.

I was walking toward it in the rain while he was crossing the street toward me. I crouch down to the ground to appear less threatening, while he circles around me. This lasted 2-3 minutes, with him watching me the whole time, maybe 20 feet from me. Finally, after he passes, he trots down the street, and I become aware that a surge of energy is flowing out of the top of my head. Wow. Crown chakra awakening.

(The pscychedelically altered photo is from a previous walk, a couple months ago. Thinking I might do a painting that attempts to capture witnessing him in the rain).

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