Dec 14 2014

naked stream

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I am the river, you are the flame
that rises within my naked stream.
Cool, liquid fire floods my banks
that once ran dry.

Holding each other at the river’s edge,
we harness the energies of ebbing and flowing.
Warm and cool waters commingle…
Caduceus serpents in playful writhing.

My body pulses and buzzes
like a hydro-electric generator.
Storing you up within me,
in greedy anticipation of another meeting.

In your absence, awaken at dawn.
My skin recalls the silky sensation
of floating within your arms, your firm tug
pulling me above, below and besides you.

Hovering above, I quiver to withhold your face.
Falling into your gaze, we kiss.
Pulling back, look again.. and again
As we smile into this endless mirror.

No retreat from each others’ eyes.
We’re drunk in the body’s bliss.
Slow and long, gentle and strong.
I am the purr inside your growl.

Robin Urton

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4 Responses to “naked stream”

  1. Marita says:

    Wow! I especially love the last line…. I purr inside your growl. Very sensuous. Just lovely.

    I don’t understand the changing colors of the stream. Now I would like to see the painted still image and how you will accomplish that.

    • Robin says:

      Thanks for checking out my poem, Marita.

      The changing colors of the stream is to suggest the idea of warm and cool waters coming together. It was a physical sensation I had. In fact there are several metaphors within this poem that relate to specific details of the relationship. Just hashed it all together within the span of an hour or two… The relationship has ended already. At least I got a poem out of it (and a beautiful, though poignant memory)!

  2. Mary says:

    Beautiful. Robin, especially that last line, love it! And the river, colors, nice…..

  3. Kaveri says:

    Fire and water in sacred sensuality. You must have had a deep experience to capture this in words. Will have to agree with Marita. Loved the last line.

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