Dec 07 2014

Energy Meditations

I was drawn to walk up to where the river cuts into the west hills tonight.  Once I got to an area where the sound of the water was strong and burbling, I remembered a suggestion to hold my arms open to my sides.  I am standing at the rivers edge, where there is a stand of trees, listening to the water rushing while I close my eyes and hold my hands up to it.  In a little time, I feel a tug pulling my upper body towards the water.  
At first it is subtle, and I am just gently rocking, in a pulsing fashion: toward the water… back to center…. toward the water… back to center.  My body feels like a bowling pin rocking. As I play with it, it gets stronger.  It is intoxicating to feel it.  I had to pull myself away from it as it became so strong that the thought occurred to me that I could fall into the stream.  I’d rather not play out the Ophelia scene of floating down the river.  I’ve always loved the image of her, though I would not choose this destiny..

 (detail of John Everett Millais’ painting, Ophelia)
Further down the path, I’m walking through a park and notice the full moon glowing between the branches of tall trees.  I stand at the base, repeating my open arms, facing the moon, with closed eyes.  This time I feel a pressure against my heart, and it is exactly how I feel when a harmonic partner places his palm in the middle of my chest.  It feels as if the hand could push right through my center.  The energy sinks deeper in, going down my body and into the ground.  And since I am standing on a blanket of moist leaves, I’m very aware of the softness of the earth and my energy as it sinks down into it.
This was all very healing.
Perhaps we are all healers.  We are all here to be healed.  I ask to heal and be healed.  May only peace and contentment grow from this heart. No matter outcomes, I follow as I am led into my own light.

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