May 19 2014

Back to the Drawing Board…

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I regret that I haven’t had much time to create art lately, but I am finally starting to get back into it. Drawing seems to be the best way to get going, so I decided to create some drawings that were inspired by my recent collages.

cactus-girl2 cactus-girl

This first one is a study from my collage titled “Cactus Girl”. I intend to create a painting that includes this image along with some cacti and birds soon, as this is the one that I’m most inspired by currently.

native-dancer flower-goddess

A couple more studies. Obviously, I am inspired by images of women/girls from indigenous cultures right now. I had an opportunity to use the image of the Native American dancer last weekend when my community had a fundraiser for the local Waldorf school. It brought a lot of people to the plaza to support the school, listen to live music, and see the artists’ work.


Ukiah businesses were asked to contribute funds to support the event by renting squares on the plaza sidewalk. Artists volunteered to draw an image in chalk to advertise their sponsor for the occasion. My sponsor was “Redwood Remedies”, an herbal company. I discovered that it was much more difficult to draw on rough pavement than on a smooth surface, but it was a lot of fun to be able to contribute to the event. It took only a couple hours of my time. When a child told me how much she liked my drawing, I asked if she’d like to help. She drew some flowers and sky, with her mom’s permission. She said she wants to be an artist when she grows up, and I said that she already is one!

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