Apr 09 2014

a few new collages

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I’ve been busier than expected with keeping up with my jewelry business after my move to Ukiah. I guess I half expected that once I stopped advertising or contacting stores, orders would stop coming in and I could have a little artist retreat. Actually relieved that business hasn’t slowed too very much, as I had to purchase a new computer this month. Tax preparation is still looming over my head, but I felt an urgent need to get a little creative work done, so I’ve been plugging away at these collages. My intention was to do some “quick” collages to get the ideas flowing. True to my perfectionist nature, the creative process rarely comes quickly for me. I tend to deliberate over and over about which images to commit to before gluing down. So I decided to alter my process a bit. Did a lot of cutting up and pairing of images, then scanned and altered the images on the computer. I now see that I really need to purchase a Wacom pad if I continue to do creative editing on the computer since using a mouse is a very clumsy tool. But so far, I am liking how these are coming along. Hope to get back into painting soon!


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  1. Diane Young says:

    Hi Robin
    I have been using a bit of gold leaf on my paintings and came across your site whilst searching for others’ work. Your work is really lovely and I like your article about how your creativity does not necessarily come easily as a process. As you know as artists we are troubled by so many decisions in each piece of work we create and it is not easily appreciated with the final result.

    I have used photoshop quite alot along the way when experimenting and adapting ideas ready for my drawings and paintings. I would highly recommend a wacom. Since I used the mouse itself for fine movements in photoshop some years ago, in the end it gave me rsi in my wrist. A pen and tablet is a joy to use even when using the computer in the normal sense on the internet too. I have had mine for years.

    There is so much to see and learn from on your site so thank you for sharing. I have just read about your idea to stencil gold leaf, a new idea for me which sounds great!

    Kind Regards
    Diane Young

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