Jul 19 2011

Mixed Media Class Progress

My mixed media painting class ended it’s 8 week reign just last Tuesday, and I’m finally getting around to posting some photos of the students’ progress. These first photos are of Linda Nagy, who really impressed me with her ability to integrate her poured and splattered acrylic paint backgrounds with her chosen photo transfer images. We explored several methods of transferring photographic images, primarily via painting acrylic gel mediums over laser photos, then removing the paper layer so that the underground surfaces showed through the images.
Linda also created this wonderful painting, where the silhouetted figures work so perfectly against the poured and dripped painted background, with the addition of an image transferred image of a fish eye, which acts as an eerie sun… where the figures play in the sand.

Another student who made great use of the drip and pour techniques was Nina Kirby, who chose to paint over a painting that she’d done before the class began. Unsatisfied with its progress, she freely poured the paint over the painting, thus re-creating its new direction.


Here’s another amazing painting by Nina. She began with the texture at the bottom of the painting, created by pressing crumpled tin-foil into joint compound. After having a dream of this figure coming out of the ground, she continued with the drip painting background, painted the figure, added molding paste for the tree trunk, and used glass bead paste mixed with paint for the hair. Well-done, Nina!

While working on one painting, Nina has a habit of working on a second (abstract) painting that utilizes any mixed paint that is left over from the first.  This way, she doesn’t waste any paint, and is able to work on something else while waiting for layers to dry.  An example of this is below:

Another student who made a lot of progress in class was Tamara. She really enjoyed getting some interesting textures through the use of joint compound. She was also excited about integrating acrylic image transfers. There is a wonderful sense of subtlety in the following works:


Ann added the class half-way into the session, but was able to achieve quite a lot of progress in 4 short sessions:

The first image above was created by using collected fragments of plastered paint material that had crumbled off some walls… which she found on a trip to Mexico. The second image was from a “failed” image transfer. Somehow the image of a swarm of butterflies didn’t quite turn out, however, there is more subtlety in the partially revealed image.

The background of this last image was created by creating a texture from joint compound, with layers of acrylic paint worked into the texture.  The next layer is some kind of shiny metallic paper, covered with another  lace paper layer.

I’m waiting to get a few more images from a couple other students who took the class.  I am supremely proud of my students, and already looking forward to my next mixed media classes, which will probably begin in September.  If you (or someone you know) is interested in taking classes, please visit the classes link on this site

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